Efrain’s paper has been published in IJIRA

Efrain Teran and Jun Ueda, Influence of rolling resistance on manual wheelchair dynamics and mechanical efficiency, International Journal of Intelligent Robotics and Applications (IJIRA), Published Online [LINK Springer Nature]. [Abstract] The anatomical model propulsion system (AMPS) was designed to propel manual wheelchairs in a highly repeatable manner while emulating human …

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GT IRIM Seed Grant

A project submitted to the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines at Georgia Tech ((IRIM) Seed Grant Program has been selected for funding. Project Title: Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention by Robotic Constrain-as-Needed Exoskeleton (CANE) for Construction Workers. PI: Yong K Cho (CE) and co-PI: Jun Ueda (ME)

ASME Journal of Medical Devices Technical Brief

Design and Analysis of an Articulated Single-Port Laparoscopic Surgical Device, by Rohan Katoch (GT), Yoshinori Yamakawa (NITI-ON), Jun Ueda (GT) and Hiroshi Honda (NITI-ON). This paper presents a design for an articulated single-port laparoscopic device, with manipulation in six degrees-of-freedom (DOF): three rotational DOF and three translational DOF. The general …

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