ASME Journal of Medical Devices Technical Brief

The work presented at the 2015 ASME Design of Medical Devices Conference was published in the ASME Journal of  Medical Devices.  Congratulations Ilya, Jonathan, Johnathan, and Arnold.  Ilya Kovalenko, Jonathan Lai, Johnathan Williams, Arnold Maliki, and Jun Ueda, “Design and Testing of a Pneumatic Hemiparesis Rehabilitation Device for a Neurofacilitation …

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Advanced Robotics Best Paper Award

Billy’s paper published in Advanced Robotics won the Advanced Robotics 3rd (2015) Best Paper Award. Congratulations, Billy!! William Gallagher, Dalong Gao, and Jun Ueda, “Improved Stability of Haptic Human-Robot Interfaces using Measurement of Human Arm Stiffness,” Advanced Robotics, Volume 28, Issue 13, pp. 869-882, 2014 (LINK to the award web page)