NSF CMMI DCSD Grant on Robotic Vision

A new NSF grant on robotic vision has been awarded. The project will study fast dynamic robot vision with muscle inspired actuators.  Project title: Integrated Computer Vision System Based on Human Eye Motion, CMMI 1662029, PI: Ueda (Georgia Tech), $332,659, 7/1/2017-6/30/2020

AFOSR Rescue Robotics R&D Grant

An AOARD (part of AFOSR) grant “Hybrid site sensing and human-multi-robot team collaboration for disaster relief at nuclear power plants” has been awarded. Dr. Ueda (as the US co-PI) will work with Dr. Cho in CE (the US PI) and collaborators in the Hanyang University for the development of remote …

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Efrain’s paper has been published in IJIRA

Efrain Teran and Jun Ueda, Influence of rolling resistance on manual wheelchair dynamics and mechanical efficiency, International Journal of Intelligent Robotics and Applications (IJIRA), Published Online [LINK Springer Nature]. [Abstract] The anatomical model propulsion system (AMPS) was designed to propel manual wheelchairs in a highly repeatable manner while emulating human …

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