GT IRIM Seed Grant

A project submitted to the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines at Georgia Tech ((IRIM) Seed Grant Program has been selected for funding. Project Title: Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention by Robotic Constrain-as-Needed Exoskeleton (CANE) for Construction Workers. PI: Yong K Cho (CE) and co-PI: Jun Ueda (ME)

ASME Journal of Medical Devices Technical Brief

Design and Analysis of an Articulated Single-Port Laparoscopic Surgical Device, by Rohan Katoch (GT), Yoshinori Yamakawa (NITI-ON), Jun Ueda (GT) and Hiroshi Honda (NITI-ON). This paper presents a design for an articulated single-port laparoscopic device, with manipulation in six degrees-of-freedom (DOF): three rotational DOF and three translational DOF. The general …

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